Finanacial Assistance

Fees, invoicing and entitlements

Home Care Fees and Invoicing

Because our service is person-centred, we will need to assess a client’s needs before we can give you an accurate run-down of the cost of care. However, we can say here, that we are competitive with other home care agencies. Below is some general advice about how we do things as well as an overview of the contributions to the cost of care that you may be entitled to.

Once your care package is arranged, Netherclay Home Care will invoice you monthly in arrears. This invoice itemises the individual hours you received cares and the cost. Through our care applications, we can also provide you with a portal to see who came to visit, when they arrived and the amount of time that they stayed. If you would prefer print versions of this, we can also provide weekly or monthly reports.

Payments can be made by standing order, cheque or cash.

Financial assistance

We take social funded clients and if during our assessment we determine that you may be entitled to social funding, we provide simple advice on where you can go to get the process starter.