How does your care work?

An overview of our services and how we set up and monitor your care

Our Home Care and Support

Our care services

We provide a variety of services. Whether for you or a loved one and whatever the complexity of you home care needs, the number or the length of visits, we work with you to design a care package that works for you – supporting you to remain at home. We can help with care and domestic tasks such as:

  • Help you start the day – get up, wash, dress and have breakfast
  • Shaving, hairdressing and nail care
  • Support you to take your medications – collecting prescriptions, reminding you to take them or aiding you in taking them
  • Aid you with your bedtime routine
  • Preparing and enjoying meals together
  • Help with your shopping
  • Cleaning and tidying the home
  • Laundry and ironing
  • Handling mail and helping with household bills
  • Companionship and conversation
  • A day trip
  • Joining in with your favourite hobbies
  • Taking you to a club or event
  • Arranging activities for you
  • Driving you where you need to go
  • Booking appointments and taking you to and from appointments
  • Planning, booking and taking you on outings and visits

Setting up your care

Once you contact us to arrange home care, we will make an appointment for one of our care leads to come and see you. Together you can talk through your care needs and work out the beginnings of a care plan. The care lead also takes this opportunity to do two health and safety assessments of your home: a risk assessment and manual handling assessment. These checks ensure you get the care you would like and to protect you and your carers. From this meeting to the start of your care can be as quick as 48 hours.

Going forward, we work with you and anyone you want to involve (family members, friends or a social worker) to develop a care plan. Care planning is an ongoing process. Your care plan will be reassessed at regular intervals ensuring that our support for you continues to meet your changing needs and preferences

How we monitor the quality of your care

We monitor your care on an ongoing basis. We do this in three main ways: through reports from our carers, from your feedback and with the help of technology.

Once you have agreed a care package, you will be matched up with a small team of regular carers. A key worker will also be assigned to your care. They will check up on how you are, the service you receive and your team of carers.

After your care package begins, a senior care assistant will arrange to see you regularly. During these meetings, you can let us know about the quality of care you receive so that we can ensure you are happy with your home care service.

Records of your day-to-day care are made on smart devices that our carers bring with them to your home. These work on a secure, cloud-based system and supervisors in our central office monitor your care. Both your up-to-date care plan and the daily interactions you have with carers can be viewed through an internet portal. Equally, we can arrange for you to have print outs of these documents if you would prefer.

If you would like to discuss your care options with one of our care leads, our office number is 01823 668400 and our email is

The process of setting up your home care