Long Term Conditions

We have the expertise and experience to work around any situation

Support with long-term conditions

We are experienced in caring for people with long-term conditions. Whether you are dealing with cancer, Parkinson’s, motor-neuron disease or any dementia or frailty, we can help. Our services are available to people of any age. Although the vast majority of our clients are older, we have cared for children and young people with life-limiting diseases.

If you need a continuous support we can provide you with a group of dedicated carers who work in rota to cover 24-hours. We also provide a double-handed service where appropriate – that is, two people can attend you to help with certain care tasks. Our live-in care service is an excellent option if you need closer, non-stop care and companionship.

Call us on 01823 668400 or email at info@nhcareltd.co.uk to discuss your care options further.