Keeping your home safe and in good order

Our Maintenance Service

Maintenance of your property can be a real concern and finding trustworthy and efficient people to do tasks around your house can be time-consuming. Even when you do find someone who can help, the chances are that it will be some time between you picking up the phone and them arranging a solution to your issue.

The management team at Netherclay have the advantage that we run a group of residential and nursing homes as well as delivering home care. As such we have a strong maintenance team as well as trusted network of local and responsive contractors. We want to make our maintenance team and our network of experts available to you. Whether your freezer has suddenly packed up and you don’t know what the issue is, or you want to schedule a visit to unclog your gutters, sweep you drive or mow your lawn, we are here for you.

Ad-hoc visits can sometimes be done on the same day by Grant Morgan, our handyman. If it is something that he can fix there and then, he will do so. If it is something that requires a specialist he will know the right people to call – it goes without saying the specialists we work with are used to fitting jobs in for us ASAP as our homes are high-risk environments.

Our team has been thoroughly vetted with enhanced DBS certificates and are used to working with vulnerable people as well as those with dementia and nursing needs. A well-maintained home makes it easier and more enjoyable to live in your own home for longer. Whether something comes up unexpectedly or you would like to enter into a maintenance contract with us, we feel certain that we can support your independence and way of life in your own home.

Call us on 01823 668400 or email to find out about our maintenance services.