Our Technology

How we coordinate our carers and keep tabs on your care.

Our Technology

At Netherclay Home Care we are committed to using technology to make our care more safe and effective and our practices more transperant to our clients.

We use two systems. Our rostering system allows us to plan our carers’ shifts and and through this we can see that people’s care is being delivered in a timely manner. We also use use care planning software. Carers use this care planning software record daily notes and we can update and adapt your care plan from the office too. Until fairly recently, daily notes were recorded on paper and left at our clients’ houses. The major disadvantage with this was that we didn’t have up-to-date information until we fetched those notes. Now we can monitor daily notes and our central office coordinators get notifications if any of the agreed care tasks are not completed. This new way of doing daily notes is another way that we continue to monitor the qualtity of our service.

Both the rostering programme and the care planning programme are loaded onto our carers’ smartphones. So if at the end of a visit a carer is checking their phone, they aren’t being rude – they are probably just filling in care notes like they would have done on paper before!

Call us on 01823 668400 or email info@nhcareltd.co.uk to discuss how our technology helps with your care.