Cost of care

Home care vs residential care

The cost of care

The cost of care is a hot button issue in the media and, understandably, it is a worry for people when they are looking at care options. What the state will pay towards the cost of care varies according to where you live. However, unfortunately, financial support from the government is rarely enough to provide the kind of care that you would want for your loved ones and often there is a need to pay for at least some additional care and support. We have an information page detailing what help you can get towards your care.

Of course, choosing the right care according to a person’s needs is the most important thing, but there are some major advantages to choosing Netherclay Home Care.

Residential care vs care at home

As well as home care, we also run a group of residential, nursing and dementia homes. While it is necessary for some people to move to a care home, many conditions can be managed at home. Supporting people with the level of care they need while enabling them to stay in their own home is often less stressful and as a result better for their mental wellbeing. There is also a financial benefit to remaining at home.

The way financial help is calculated is complex and a subject for another place, but according to Which, if you are a private payer on average you will pay between £40,352 and £51,376 per year for a care home in Devon or Somerset (this range depends on if you have a nursing need or not.) Our home care is much more affordable at £14,734.20 per person per year (based on 2x hour-long visits twice a day 7 days a week.)

The cost of care in Devon and Somerset

Comparing Home Care Providers

Unlike other providers, who are franchises – some of them with head offices overseas – we are a local team who have been serving the community in Somerset and Devon since 1994. As such, our knowledge of providing care in Taunton, Wellington, Bridgwater and the surrounding villages is second to none.

We also compete on price. However we do not list our fees for home care online as these can vary widely – depending on the number of visits required and the level of care needed. We always start with the needs of the person requiring support or care and we are proud to have offered a superior service at a fraction of the cost of residential care to thousands of people.

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